Why Enliven


Authentic South Indian Coffee Made With fresh milk

Liquid coffee

Liquid coffe is prepared centrally using high quality fresh'n ground coffee powder blended with chicory

fresh milk

Good Quality fresh milk (Toned milk - 3% Fat) is used for coffee preparation


Freshly brewed tea(desi Chai) will be dispensed through this machine

Aroma & Strength

High quality tea dest is user for brewing with high aroma and strength

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea option is available directly from the machine


Option of tea bags available for masala tea, green tea, cardamom tea and flavoured teas


Horlicks & Boost - Available, Sugarless option for coffee, tea and milk

Quality Policy

“We are committed to total customer satisfaction through our high quality, tasty and reasonably priced beverages and services achieved with customer focus, involvement of our employees, continual improvement in all areas”

Our Beverages